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IMMERSION RF skin care system(portable bipolar RF and Tripolar RF)
IMMERSION RF skin care system is a portable facial and body care machine deploying the latest bipolar RF and Tripolar RF technology. It is well received by customers because of its effectivenss for skin tightening, wrinkle removal and anti-aging treatment.
MINI VRF skin care system
Mini VRF 100 combines RF energy and vacuum massage functions. Vacuum can support RF energy more efficiently
VRF-PLUS facial and body care system
High frequency wave permeates epidermis and take effect on the collagen-rich dermal tissue directly which makes water molecules in the skin move to and fro wildly. The move produces controllable heat and results in contraction of collagen and generation of new collagen and dermal remodeling .as a result, the skin looks tighter, wrinkles reduce gradually
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