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Ultrasonic cavitation-Ultraslim

FAQ of cavitation-Ultraslim System
1. Recommended treatment procedure.
STEP1: 10 to 20 Minutes-Soften adipose and smooth lymph
Professional maneuver massage, applying adipose-burn essentials, massage to soften the adipose, stimulate lymph system, finally to bring the body into the best situation for breaking up and melting adipose.

STEP2: 30 to 50 Minutes break up and melt the deep adipose (FLAT and FOCUS CAVI)
FLAT CAVI and FOCUS CAVI to deep break and melt the adipose. It is a non invasive method that works with controlled high frequency waves that generate microbubbles. Such microbubbles implode due to partial pressure changes and the fat cells in localized areas disintegrate. These fat cells turn into a liquid subtance (diglycerides)which is eliminated through the lymphatic system and urine. Meanwhile, the rising temperature result in the internal streaming of vital essence and energy of body, it will take the internal toxin off.

STEP3: 10 to 15 Minutes accelerate lipolysis in adipose layer and skin tightening by Radio Frequency
The launched high-frequency radio waves stimulate the movement of plasmacluster and then the heat is generated, which in turn. Speed up the blood circulation of tissue of demis and subcutaneous, stimulate new collagen and its reconstruction. Repair of the agind collagen layer.

2. Post Treatment Suggestions:

? Post-treatment proposed
A compulsory physical activity(15 to 30 min)such as:
1 Fast walking, running
2 Swimming, aquagym (in warm swimming-pool if possible)
3 Bicycle riding or home treadmill
4 Muscle exercise (the abdominals the waist, the buttocks, the thights….)
5 Vibrating board (only 10 min, required)
6 Muscle activation
7 Sauna bath

1, Session frequency:3 to 4 per week over 4 to 6 weeks
2, Sessions should take place ideally: either before meals or 3 hours after meals
3, Recommended sessions during a treatment: 15 sessions at least
4, For better results, sessions recommended during a treatment: 18 sessions
5, Safe treatment, non invasive, no secondary effect.
6, With no physical exercise (either muscle activation or vibrating board), the melted fat in the blood will be stocked back into the fat cells.
7, More than 18 sessions are possible depending on the progress of results.

(1) Face care
1. Eliminate wastes of face smoothly
2. Make skin tone bright and treat fine lines with a lifting effect
3. Rapidly eliminate toxin under eyes (eye bag) and chin (double chin)
4. Reproduction effect by normalizing the free radical
5. Therapy time: 15~20 minutes per time
6. Therapy temperature:38U?~40?(moderate temperature till feeling relaxed)

1. When tilting head too much during the face and neck care, it may cause the severe amount of blood in head, so don’t holdup your head.
2. In case of edema, care the lymphatic gland of ears and neck firstly.

Insructions of plate for obesity care
The core of RF system therapy is to discharge the decomposed (dissolved) fat cell with toxin and the lymph circulation.
Therefore, when placing a lympy node between the ceramic ware and plate,
It’s more effective for drainage.

Face &Scalp care 10~15 minutes per time
Abdomen care 15~20 minutes per time
Shoulders & arms care 15~20 minutes per time
Back care 20~30 minutes per time
Lower part of body care Front-10~15 minutes per time
Rear-20~30 minutes per time

4. Do we have to apply any gel/cream(or active slimming serum) before we we place the probe on?
A: Some functional gel or serum( active slimming serum) is strongly advised to apply before placing probe on.
5. To the side effects: Is it a problem if patience has a titanium implant? What can happens if we do a treatment to him? What is if patience have problems with liver or kidney? Is the stress for the oranism not too high?
A: It must not be used on pregnant women, or women who may be pregnant , or generally on the following patients:cardiopathspatients with vascular diseasespatients with pacemakerspatients with therombosis and /or thrombophlebitispatients being treated with anticoagulantspatients who have undergone a transplantcarriers of large metal prosthesesdiabeticsepileptics
So, if the patients has the titanium implant and the problems of liver or kidney, we do not recommend to accept the treatment.
6. As for cavitation treatment, when do you use the continuous mode and when the pulse mode?
A: Mainly use the Contines mode, Usually after 4 times of Continue, and then 1 time of pulsed mode
7. you said the Khz selection if from 35Khz to 47 khz? Higher is more energy, right? When do you sellect lower and when higher?
A: For Thin Fat part, please select the frequency from 35 to 40Khz;
For Thick Fat part, please select the frequency from 41 to 47Khz;
8. Flat v/s focused: Focused is more fatty areas, right? When and where do I know it is best to use the flat against the focused?
A: First use the Flat handpiece and then the Focus handpiece, because the Flat is for big area fat cells, the Focus is for the small area fat cells.
Difference between focused and flat probes:
Ultrasound in focus cavitation model is focused on one point and the energy is very intensive. so it is used for small treatment area with hard fat tissues such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.
Ultrasound in flat model is well-distributed and the energy is more gentle and comfortable. It is used forlarge area with less fat, thin skin or sensitive skin.

9. When to use on the body the Bi-polar handpiece and when or what for to use the tri-polar hand piece?
A: For body slimming treatment, use Bipolar/Tripolar RF for 15-25 minutes for lymphatic drainage and metabolism accelerating.
For wrinkle removal and skin tightening, you can use Bipolar/Tripolar RF only.
Difference between Bipolar and Tripoalr:
Bipolar energy is well-distributed amony treatment tissues. It can provide more precise and comfort treatment. It is suitable for sensitive skin and thin skin such as forehead, cheeks, chin,
Tripolar energy is more focused. It is suitable for hard tissues and areas with lots of cellulites such as abdomen, thighs, upper arms and legs...

10. As for RF power, what do they represent?
A: 1. For body, please start the energy from 20%, and then add step by step as per client’s comfortable feeling
B: For Face, please select from 10%, because the frequency is high, please don’t add too big, normal 20% is enough for face treatment.
The operator must add the energy step by step as per client’s comfortable feeling.

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