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GBS has a network of technical support team who are capable of servicing our product rang, which enable customers significantly benefit from this 'value-add', gaining total equipment support and back up.
1. All of GBS products have 1 year warranty. During the warranty period, we will repair the machine at no charge if it is caused by any manufacturer defects.
2. We provide 24 hours customer service and technical support in Beijing. We have a quick response service team and well-trained technicians which enable any problems can be solved within 7 working days.
3. If there is any problem with the machine, please kindly send us pictures or videos which can describing the problem in details, thus our technicians can analyse the problem and work out a solution.
4. If the problems was caused by the spare parts, we will send you repair parts immediately by express air delivery at no charge.
5. Our equipments are designed for use with our modular components. So the repair and maintenance are quite easy. Mostly changing spare parts can fix the problems. If there is other exceptional case, we assure we will support you until it is solved.

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