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Hydra Facial Microdermabrasion Skin Peeling Machine
The hydra Microdermabrasion, also called Wet Microdermabrasion or Water Microdermabrasion, is the same process of exfoliation. However, instead of crystals hitting the skin with pressure, the machine uses a diamond head tip that exfoliates as the tip across the skin.
4 IN 1 Diamond Dermabrasion Machine
1) Diamond Microdermabrasion; 2) The Hot and Cold Treatment; 3) Ultrasonic; 4) Ultrasonic skin scrubber
3 IN 1 Micro-crystal Dermabrasion Skin peeling Machine
1. Three functions : Crystal Dermabrasion, Diamond Peeling and Self-Cleaning. 2. Machine uses 100 or 120 Grid Crystal. 3. Dual filtering process to prevent clogging. 4. Germany Becker pump.
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