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1064nm Long pulsed Nd YAG Laser Nail fungus treatment System | GN-800

- Fiber Delivery for Flexible Operation
This laser system adopts the optical fiber delivery method, enables the user operate freely on the  area, just like using a pen.                                                  
- High Working Frequency,up to 50Hz
50Hz fast working speed save 60% treatment time. 
- Safety Alert System
This laser system comes with 4 alert lights on screen
- Dual Modes for Versatile Parameter Setting
Continous pulse output mode controlled by timer counter and food-switch;
Pulse adjustable output mode with flexible pulse width and delays setting according to different treatment conditions.
-Patented Cooling System  
The intelligent cooling management system provided real time monitor for the cooling status.
All the alerts of cooling system are monitored by MCU control system. Once any function work inappropriately, the MCU would protect the system with corresponding procedures, which enable longtime working without any worries and break. 
1064nm Long pulsed Nd YAG Laser Nail fungus treatment System is safe, drug-free, and no health or age resctrictions. The laser aims at killing the fungus but leaving the nail and other tissues un-damaged.
Many treatment providers  have reported that laser fungus removal treatment for patients results in significant improvements in the health and appearance of their nails - both toenails and fingernails.
Fungal Infection Treatment(also called tinea unguium or onychomychosis) affects the fingernails and toenails of an estimated 12% of the North American population.
Symptoms of Fungal Infection Treatmentcan be yellowish, white, or green discoloration of a toenail area.
Laser Type: Free Running Nd:YAG Laser
Wavelength: 1064nm
Output Energy(Max.): 200mj@1064nm
Repetition Rate: 20,30,40,50Hz
Aiming Beam: 632nm laser
Cooling System: Closed Cycle Water to Air Heat Exchanger
Delivery Method: Optical Fiber 
Control System: 8.0' color TFT touch screen
Power: 220V AC/110V AC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 1250mm(H)×460mm(W)×550mm(L) 
Weight: 60KG

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