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3C Alga Coating Skin-care Spa Capsule

Exquisite tropical rain forest spray massage and delicate independent steam space releases your fatigue after a hard work day and gives you a new clean and clear care experience.
1. Affusion shower
96 jet water columns massage every corner of your body, clean your skin and make it more elastic.
Fixed point, local shower or full-body circulation shower could be selected according to your requirements.
2. Full-body steam bath
Opens pores and heats the body, making the course of alga coating and full-body whitening more effective.
3. Aromatherapy
Thereal oil is used for perfectly combining plant essence with human body, healing physical therapy can be accomplished with herbal medicines.
4. Chromophototherapy
Red: accelerating skin metabolism, promoting blood circulation, and increasing absorption of alga essence into the skin. Blue: calms and relaxing the skin.
5. Music therapy
Wired receiving system is used for selecting SPA music therapy.
6. Hydraulic massage
Lying on the hydraulic mattress, just like floating in the sea, can relax the muscles of your back and legs with the soft force of water.
7. Cool breeze for face
 The thermal effect will accelerate the blood circulation of your face. The cool breeze can reduce the temperature of your face, keeping your head in a cool and fresh environment.
8. Ozone sterilization
Full automatic 3 minute ozone sterilization provides safety guarantee for each user.
9. Full computer control
VFD screen displays the service contents being processed in the cabin. It is quite easy and convenient to operate.
10. Automatic timing
During a period of treatment, the instrument will time automatically finish the arranged courses.
11. Automatic temperature control
Constant temperature can be kept automatically, or you can set the temperature at your will, enabling you to enjoy tropic rain forest massage
12. Preset program
Complicated operation is not required. Just press button PR1 or PR2 to finish the SPA courses.
13. Recommended Courses
   Energy replenishment, weight management, ache management, anti-aging & rejuvenation,
   sleep quality improvement, anti-stress management, etc

Dimention(mm): 2,370×920×1,060
Material: acrylic
Power requirement: 220 V 50Hz
Color: White
Power consumption: 3200W
Net weight: 155KGS
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