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Alga Coating Hydro Spa Capsule

1. Affusion shower
248 water columns massage every corner of your body, clean your skin and make it more elastic.
Fixed point, local shower or full-body circulation shower can be selected according to your own
2. Full-body steam bath
Open pores and heat the body, making the course of alga coating and full-body whitening more effective.
3. Aromatherapy
Ethereal oil is used for perfectly combining plant essence with human body, or healing physical therapy can be accomplished with herbal medicines.
4. Chromophototherapy
Four kinds of color lights, red, yellow, blue and green, provide stress relief, relaxation, and skin improvement.Both medical and physical well being is achieved.
5. Ozone sterilization
Full automatic 3-minute ozone sterilization provides safety guarantee for each user.
6. Full computer control
VFD screen displays the service contents being processed in the cabin. It is quite easy and
convenient to operate.
7. Recommended Courses
Alga body coating, full body whitening, aromatherapy, Corneum removal, multidirectional shower.
Dimention(mm): 2,280×920×1,160
Material: acrylic
Power requirement: 220 V 50Hz
Color: White
Power consumption: 3100W
Net weight: 118KGS
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