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CO2 Fractional laser-G1

Fractional CO2 Laser System-G1

Functions and advantages

Predominant as compared with regular surgical devices, CO2 Laser Fractional System
can bring about such effect to the skin tissue as solidification, boiloff and
carbonization by laser-cut, burning and radiation with its 10.6μm invisible light. This
treatment features itself as short time, less bleeding, fast recovery and strong
In Matrix mode, CO2 Laser Fractional System applies CO2 laser deeply into skin to
exert new collagen generation with its innovative CO2 laser partial treatment method.
In this mode, thermal damage is comparted so that the healthy tissue can be served as
thermal diffusion area to avoid the side effect caused by thermal damage. Meanwhile,
skin recovery is accelerated as well. Patients can return their normal routine sooner
than expectation.

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