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Ultrasound body contouring system-Cavi Pro

Ultrasound body contour system-Cavi Pro

This system, incorporation all the latest technologies in only one system, that includes cavitation fat-breaking technology, high intensity focused ultrasound, low frequency ultrasoinic slim, respresenting the top level in the Beauty field.

Working Principle
.HIFU High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (3MHZ)
It relies on the basic concept of ultrasound. By focusing, high intensitied and continuous wave ultrasound will be generated; the temperature arising from this will selectively make the fat tissue liquefied without influencing the surrounding tissue and blood vessels.

.2F CAVI(Focus and Flat CAVI,35Khz to 47Khz): It is a phenomenon that is created subject to ultrasound waves. With cavitation, the equipment can effectively break the fatness using focus strong ultrasonic head to release 60,000 ultrasonic speedy vibrate fattiness cells, produce countless vacuum air pocket in and out cells, through human body normal consuming, then exhaust out of body.

.LFUS-Low Frequency Ultrasonic Slim(517Khz)
It is the ultrasounds emission at this specific, steady and safe low frequency of 517 KHz combined with an intensity of about 110 Mw/cm2 which release the noradrenalin hormone activating a natural lipolysis in the fat tissue.
The lipolusis corresponds to the melting and the expulsion of stocked fat. During this process, fat cells release triglycerides and lead them into the blood stream. Progressively, this melted fat is taken through the vascular system to be lead into the muscles requiring an energy source. This is the reason why it is a MUST to eliminate the fatty acids during physical exercise, muscle activation or vibrating board within one hour after the CAVI PRO@ treatment session on one more areas of the body.

Safe and reliable
Professional technologies
Precise local treatment during the treatment
Foot-switch and hand-held frequency selection
More CAVI MODE(Focus and Flat) and More FREQUENCY(35KHz to 47KHz)selective

.Cellulite dissolution
.Cellulite elimination
.Body reshaping

Power supply:  AC 110V-230V 50/60HZ
Ultrasound emitters: 4 plates×3 emitters each=tot.12 emission heads 
                              1 hand piece for high intensity focused ultrasound 
                              1 hand piece for physiological FLAT cavitation effect
                              1 hand piece for physiological FOCUS cavitation effect 
                              Quantity of outputs Max 7 channels 
                              Output power Adjustable from 10 to 100%for every channel 
                              Frequency 517khz for Ultrasonic plate
                              3Mhz for HIFU
                              35KHz to 47KHz for cavitation tprobe 
                              Maximum surface power density 2.5mW/cm (max)for plates
                              5.0 W/cm (max) for cavitation
                              3.0W/cm for HIFU
Diameter:  150mm×60mm(L×W)Ultrasonic plate; 63mm for HIFU; 60mm for Cavitation
Programs: Single working programs for Cavitation, HIFU and Ultra Plate 
Wave form Pulse and Continuous
Duration of the treatment:  Adjustable from 5to 50 minutes by steps of 5 minutes
Display: LCD monitor
Weight:  38Kgs
Certification:  CE Class1
Environmental conditions of use
Relative humidity:30/75%(without condensation)
Pressione atmosferica:70/106 kPa
Environmental conditions of transport and storage Temperature:-15/+55?
Relative humidity:30/75%(without condensation)
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