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Derma roller

About Microneedle derma Roller
Microneedle derma roller contains 192 very fine medical grade stainless steel tiny needles in eight rows.It can be performed on the skin of any part of the body including the scalp.Its application principle is:The stimulation the dermis layer of collagen and proliferation of the fibroblast. Microneedle stimulation, removes the wrinkles and the tightens and improves skin texture, and is uesful for treating scars and stretchmarks.
By rolling the microneedle derma roller on the skin, micro punctures and channels are created. This removes the cutin in the epidermis, simultaneously producing collogen growth in the  corium layer, Elastic tissue and the textile fiber metrocyte proliferation, will be rejuvenated effect, and will conduct nutrient content into the corium layer.
Implimemting the micro-needle therapy process will be like small bleeding wounds. After treatment course conclusion an ice compress
on the patient face calm the affected area. Due to the short durating and ease of repair,young people find this tolerable.  Conversely this treatment can be used to repair damage, with the use of micro-needles.Active ingredients can be added when the skin is derma rolled.Ingredient such as vitamin C, collagen, hyaluronic acid, EGF essence and Fiber-stimulating hormone, etc. As the micro-needle roller is small, so the skin will heal quickly, post-operative care is simple, no recovery, no anti-triad period, and will not leave behind any scar.
1. Use of the natural wound healing capabilities, will not be hardened skin or skin cells caused by contraction
2. Micro-needles can make a large number of micro-channels and thus the effective active ingredient into the skin (just 5 minutes to use, can create more than 200,000 microporous)
3. Microneedle roller significant efficacy, safe, reliable, simple. No side effects
4. The use of micro-needles after treatment care simple, general outdoor activities can be carried out, including the sun (Note: must be coated with sunscreen)
5. Microneedle design over-intensive, the needle with the needle only 0.3mm apart to achieve the best wound healing effect, there is no comparable product in the market.
The micro needle therapy has succeeded the following applications
· Smoothening fine lines and wrinkles.
· collagen-induced hyperplasia to tighten and enhance the facial skin
· Pores size reduction.
· Improving scars caused by acne/chicken pox/trauma.
· Improving the appearance of stretch marks/striate/cellulite.
· Improving skin texture as a result of firmer and more lifted skin.
· Reducing skin pigmentation and whitening skin
· Hair loss improvement
1.Clean and Disinfection
Clean skin , Disinfects skin with the ethyl alcohol
then use 75% Ethyl alcohol to disinfect the microneedle 15minutes.
2.Clean again
Wash the microneedle with the physiological saline .
Physiological saline to clean skin
Apply the related anesthetic and anaesthesia paste; use plastic wrap to cover ,then operate after the anesthetic effect.
4.The micro needle inducts
-Dissolved docking the freeze-dried powder, while side-meter drop fonts operation time 6-8 minutes ;
-Solution side side drop-specific font-meter operation time 6-8 minutes
5. Mask
Mask dedicated to liquid and pour it into the film compressed at full immersion, and then covered in the operation of the site (25-30 minutes) to be dry.
6.Special solution
Apply-related solution
7. Remarks
For infection prevention, 6-24 hours subjects should not touch water.
8.home care
In order to promote wound healing, apply Essence morning and night, limit exposure to the sun.


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