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Hair-grow Laser Comb Massager

Hair-grow Laser Comb Massager is low-power household comb massager that is professionally designed for hair loss problem. It is a new multifunction comb massager that can be easily operated at home. It has magic effect on removing oil stains, growing new hair and preventing hair loss. 

Sample Price: CIF 100USD/pc including DHL shipping cost.
Remark: For order quantity over 10 pcs, please kindly enquire for our favorable distribution price

It adopts technology of infrared, laser and impulse. It stimulates the deeply- slept hair follicle through eight electronic points, kills attached scalp bacteria, expands capillary vessel, promotes metabolism and obtains effect of hair regrowth.
It will gradually rejuvenate hair through physical massge vibration massage and promote head blood circulation effectively. Five-row special-made steel columns tease head repeatedly to advance absorbency of hair products to follicles.
Treatment range:
It is applicable to people who suffer from steatorrhea alopecia, male hormone source alopecia, part alopecia, physical alopecia, chemical alopecia, female postpartum alopecia, female menopause alopecia, sub-health alopecia, head acarid, non-free head blood circulation, hair follicle clog, hair-rooted

Comb Massager (Style A)
IMPULSE is traditional medicine in China. It has incomparable effects on treating difficult and complicated cases. The micro electric current generated from electronic comb massager can efficiently activate cells and arouse inactive hair follicles..
INFARED has superpower effects to activate cells and intensify metabolism. It can promote the shedding of deceased cells and rebirth of new cells.
LASER: The laser Principle is through soft laser (red and far red light) under the scalp thoroughly into the most deep seated cells (the hair root and milk balls) most deep- seated, to accelerate blood circulation, endocrine regulation and improve the quality of hair, in addition to inhibiting loss, more Can re- grow hair.
Comb Massager(Style B)
Two-row special steel beads embedded in the comb evenly effuse nutrition from hair-growth lotions through vibration of micro massage of vibration.Softly teasing the hairs, repeatedly massaging or extruding, and stimulating the hair follicles, the nutrition in hair-growth lotions can be put into hair follicles under impulse.

Additional resources:
view real machine photos online.
watch the machine demo videos.




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