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IR and Hydro spa capsule

1) Macro-computer controlled. With LCD, time and temperature can be adjustment, it can be sterilize to protect the environment. It also can connect FM/CD/VCD, and automatically clean. It is used for foot, back,chest or the whole body massage. Automatically supplies and drains water out, it can control water levels and temperature
2) Head is placed outside capsule: this is the difference from the traditional sauna. Putting the head outside is better for breathing, so it can keep you relaxed,respire freely and make you comfortable
3) Flow care: steam or infrared is absorbed by human skin so that it can promote skin metabolism and blood cycling to release energy freely. It can remove waste after rigorous sports activities. Therefore, it can reduce weight and take the toxins out, promoting internal cleansing, and increased youthful activity. It can be used with Chinese herbs to cure obesity problems, and make the skin and body beautiful, enliven the brain and nerves and strengthen manhood and kidneys.
4) Safety and reliability: the product focuses on human safety. Electronics controls and plugs are designed to ensure  safety and reliability.Output voltage is 12~36V, so you can use it safely
5) Low operating cost: It is inexpensive enough to use, costs one degree of electricity,1~2kg of water.
6) Quality guarantee: the products are guaranteed for one year and including free
a) Provides steam, fumigation, water care and remote infrared energy and spectrum light
b) Multi-functional: aroma, far infrared, spa water treatment, spectrum, water faucet, FM / CD, O3
c) Necessity for wealthy families as a real family beautician
Voltage: 220/110V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Dimension: 238cm (L) x 99cm(W) x 120 cm(H)
N.W. 130KGS
Wood Package:252*109*131cm

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