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LED-100 (PDT, Photo Dynamic Technology)

LED treatment system is the newest high-tech beauty system with the light purity of 99% light to act on the target skin tissues raising the activity of cells and improving the metabolism. It is a special technology for transmitting light signal. The LED treatment comes with no thermal effect, no injury and no discomfort on the skin, which is unreachable for traditional skin care products.
Red light: The red light is absorbed selectively by the pigments and blood vessels, which the results in skin rejuvenation, whitening, speckle and vascular removal, scar-reduction and the recovery of inqured skin.
Blue light: The blue light can inhibit the inflammation and kill acne bacillus, eliminating acne on the skin.
Mixed light: The Mixed light of red and blue can improve the microcirculation to irritate the skin fibrocyte so as to generate new collagen and elastin, to reconstruct the dermis collagen fabric structure. The Mixed Light could eliminate winkles, lift face and effectively enhance skin elasticity and make your facial skin exquisite and smooth.
Light source: LED gene biology light
Output wave: Red 640nm±5nm ; Blue 470nm±5nm
Area of light spot: 350*240mm
Voltage: 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
Output power: 120mw/cm2
Size: 515*250*550mm
Weight: 13KG

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