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VACmassage cellulite reduction machine-GS177

VACmassage Cellulite reduction system-GS177

GS177 cellulite reduction machine is one set of advanced body slimming equipment, by using the design of vacuum suction and unique roller to lift up the skin along with subcutaneous tissue, and then rotate rollers on the front and behind of vacuum suction probe to do deeply and wave-like massage on the body, and to do aerobic exercise as “absorb, pinch and rolling” for skin and adipose tissue which can boost up the lymph detoxification function and blood circulation 4 times faster than usually, in the meantime, the deep massage can transform the fat into fatty acids, and drain out of body by lymph circulation, to consume fat effectively to get slimming body. Accelerate the metabolism of skin to enhance reproduce ability of the collagen protein and elastic fiber tissue, which makes skin becomes better and better.

Promote circulation system,
drain out garbage and guide fat.
Face / Body slimming, shapping, tightening, improve wrinkles,
by using vacuum massage technology

Main Features
Elegant design, 6 exchangable treatment heads
Powerful vacuum motor, perfect treatment feeling
8.4" TFT LCD display with friendly visual prompting touch panel interface
Output exactly adjustable based on different situations
8 working modes for different applications
Alternative EN/ CN interface, also can be in other required languages
Embeded WindowsCE software system

Vocuum Intensity 20~70Kpa +/- 5Kpa, 10 levels adjustment
Motor capabilty 130L / min
Working temprature -10~40?
Working humudity ≤85%
Working noise: ≤65db
Power Source AC 100~120 or 220~240 V, 50 Hz 500W
Dimmensions 675(W) x 645(D) x 1445 (H) mm
Weight: 55 Kg
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