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Luxury IR and Anti-stress Spa Capsule

1. Chromophototherapy
Four kinds of color lights, red, yellow, blue and green, provide stress relief and improved
health and promote mental and physical well being.
2. Far infrared ray
Far infrared wave directly stimulates deep layer of the skin promoting fat burning and figure reshaping.
3. Thermal-energy sauna
Warm wind relaxes your body and mind, and warm air accelerates your metabolism, helping heat consumption. The temperature inside the cabin could be regulated according to the course you take 26°--80
4. Vibration massage
Transparent, curved, far infrared ray bed, without any pressure point. Wave-like massage at
adjustable vibration frequency comforts the muscles of your legs and back,and promotes the anti-stress and relaxation effect.
5. Oxygen output
The aging of human body is the oxidation process of cells. Sufficient oxygen will relax your body and mind and delay aging , also favorable for reducing stress and improving work efficiency.
6. Ozone sterilization
Full automatic 3 minute ozone sterilization provides guarantee safety for each user.
7. Aromatherapy
This machine can bring essential oil into full play, and the R.V.BLUE provides 4 kinds of aroma
8. Music therapy
Specialized SPA music makes you enjoy the beautiful music and achieve the wonderful effect of whitening and body slimming at the same time.
9. Cool breeze for face
Cool breeze is directly blown to your face to reduce its temperature, keeping your head in a cool and fresh environment at all times.
10. Memory
This machine has memory and storage programing.
"relaxation and stress relief", "body slimming", "peaceful sleep", "calmness and relaxation", and
"body care".
12. Automatic timing
When a period of treatment ends, a burst of dulcet clock alarm reminds you to prepare for reentering the "real" world.
13. Recommended Courses
Body slimming and body care, toxin exclusion and drainage, stress relief and relaxation, weight management, anti-stress management and ache management, etc.
Dimention(mm): 2,370×920×1,060
Material: acrylic
Power requirement: 220 V 50Hz
Color: White
Power consumption: 2200W
Net weight: 155KGS
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view real machine photos online.
download product brochures here
watch the machine demo videos.


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