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MINI VRF skin care system

Mini VRF 100 combines RF energy and vacuum massage functions. Vacuum can support RF energy more efficiently
RF, radio frequency, which provide energy to heat the target tissue, heat up the collagens to make them regenerate, so that such clinical results as skin tightening and wrinkle removal can be achieved.
Vacuum sucking and massage before RF treatment, can make target tissue cells in more active status to accept the RF energy in a more efficent way.
1, Skin Lifting, Skin Tightening, and Skin whitening;
2, Collagen stimulation and generation;
3, Wrinkle and Fine Lines removal;
4, Face and Figure restructuring;
5, Large pore shrinkage
Main Features
3MHz RF with vacuum supported,
4 working modes for different positions treatment
2 Bi-polar RF treatment heads
Vacuum working in Auto / Manual mode alternative
RF and Vacuum ajustable for different patient situations
Elegant portable design- Blue backlight dot-matrix LCD user interface display
Vacuum Auto Work Mode:
Pressure: 0-80KPa
Timming: 1-30min
Sucking time: 200-30000ms
Release time: 200-30000ms
Pressure: 0-80KPa
Timming: 1-30 min.
Output Voltage: Face ≤250Vp-p;Body ≤340Vp-p;
Frequency: 3MHz
Energy adjustment: 1-50 levels.
Working modes: 4 modes.
Max output: 50W
Power Source: AC 200~240V 50Hz
Working Noise: ≤65db
Working Temperature. : -10~40?
Working Humidity: ≤85%
Additional resources:
download product brochures here.
watch the machine demo and treatment videos.

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