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Massage Chair MC-100

Massage Chair MC-100

Product details

With VFD color screen for remote controller.
With air bag pressing massage for arms and vibration for seat.
Mp3 music function.Vibration and tapping strength is variable with the music rhythm.
With heating massage for feet and back; With auto stretching and retracting
functions for calf.

1.Backrest running mechanism can adapt to body curve automatically, and meets
the principle of human factors engineering, which makes massage effect better;
2. Automatic shoulder detection function can set massage position automatically,
and fine adjustment correcting function can massage the exact parts that need to be
massaged, so as to gain an ideal massage effect;
3. Rich massage manipulation and subtle motion can gain similar “carpet” massage
effect with that made by hands, and the 4S mechanical massage hand on the back
can move repeatedly on the neck, shoulder, back, and waist, and can also realize
such massage modes as “kneading,” “knocking,” “synchronous kneading and
knocking,” “manipulation,” “shiatsu,” and “rolling and kneading,” etc;
4. 24V low voltage double insulation heater is equipped at the sole and waist, which
is safe and reliable, and the sensitive temperature controller can effectively control
the heating temperature range (lower than 50?), in order to effectively stimulate
blood circulation, and make massage more comfortable;
5. Both sides of seating washer can realize inflatable bag massage function, and
high quality vibrating motor is equipped at the perineum area with powerful dynamic
vibration, which can make massage effect more ideal;
6. Arm claw can realize inflatable bag massage function, and its position can be
7. Lower half body can enjoy inflatable bag “waving” massage, which makes you feel
that you are on the wave, releases your nerve, and stimulates the blood circulation of
lower half body;
8. Hand controller with VFD color screen display can bring you clear and vivid image;
9. MP3 music function is supported by 256M U disk, which is convenient for you to
choose the songs you like;
10. Interactive music function is designed according to the massage motion and
vibrating massage strength on the perineum part, and the rhythm can be adjusted
with music frequency, so that you will feel extremely comfortable;
13. Starting up or shutting down the machine, it will stand and reset automatically;
and the 4S massage mechanical hand will also reset automatically;
14. Equipping with DVD video screen player interface (Optional);
15. Built-in 15-minute automatic timing function;


Rated voltage a.c 110V~240V
Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated power 230W
Security class 1PC/CTN
Weight 110/125KG
Cabinet number 20/40FT 20/44
Size 1250×900×840

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