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Mini Colorful Phototherapy Device

Mini Colorful Phototherapy Device
The main theory of Colorful phototherapy appliance, personal care equipment,led skin rejuvenation
system,skin rejuvenation led The Color Ray Beauty Device mainly adopts optics theory, rapidly
dissolve splashes and aged speckles induced by all kinds of pigments pileup in cutis. From light
molecule, it chooses light energy with different wave lengths to gentle memory shrinkage of deep
skin, remove face red blood lines (capillary enlarge), smooth wrinkles, thin pores, renew skin tender
and white, thick skin collagen fibers, strengthen skin flexible, supply moisture timely, improve face
skin rough, clean whelks and recover acnes and scars.

1) Activates skin and restore skins renewing ability
2) Accelerates blood circulation, intensify skins metabolizing function
3) Gets rid of erythema and bottle nose
4) The blue and red light can shrink pores, tighten skin and tint spots
5) Fade speckles and whiten skin

Outer packing: Carton dimensions: 19 x 14 x 7.6cm N.W.:
0.5kg G.W.: 0.6kg

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