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Nail Printer(Smart Model)

Nail Printer(Smart Model)
Nail Printer(Smart Model) is a desktop nail art machine drawing various color
patterns on your nails or nail tips, with quick and easy DIY nail art designs. The nail
printer is suitable for use in Image Design Center, Beauty Parlour, Wedding
Studio, Fashion Store 

Nail Printer(Smart Model):
? Print color patterns on natural nail/toenail and artificial nail/toe tips;
? Small in size, light and portable, accessible via computer;
? Rich sources for patterns from standard gallery and computer memory for instant use;
? Powerful editing function: Snapshot, shaping, color change, brightness and contrast adjustment;
? Auto/manual adjustment of pattern size, direction and place;
? Suitable for routine nail art for individual and family;
? Serves as assistant equipment for nail or beauty salons;
? A nice present to ladies.

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