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Luxury Pedicure SPA Massage Chair SC350

1.Equipped with a four-wheel driven muted massage mechanism which can move up
and down
2. Programmed with five emulational massage methods of shiatsu, kneading,
flapping, knocking and synchronous kneading and flapping
3. Programmed with manual and auto modes
4. Under manual mode, there are three overalls choices, partial and fixed massage
5. Under fixed massage stage, the massage wheel can be moved up and down with
five speeds
6. The width of the massage wheel can be changed in three degrees while it is doing
shiatsu, flapping or knocking separately
7. Five airbags inside the seat cushion with four air pressure modes and vibrating
functions. Choosing two strengths are available.
8. Programmable electrically ascending and descending function of the backrest
9. The seat frame can be moved forward and backward 120mm
10.The armrest can be reversed in 90 degree and is equipped with a small tea table.
11.LCD remote control board
12. Power: 180W

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