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Spa Slimming Expert

Spa Slim Expert is a multifunctional facial care and body care equipment. With infrared ray
irradiating into deep layer of the skin as well as enriched functions like HF acupointsinjecting
electrode pack and ultrasonic wave, it can accelerate fat burning and promote skin
rejuvenation, body slimming and wrinkle removal.
1. Far infrared ray
Far infrared wave are utilized to accelerate fat burning, quicken blood circulation and
increase metabolism, get rid of ache and fatigue, heat the skin surface and warm the inner skin.
Cold leading-in: (for face and body) specialized face/body care products are led in through tailor-made probe.
2. Ultrasonic wave
low-cycle wave and high-cycle wave can penetrate into subcutaneous tissue to decompose the fat in cells, reduce the cubage of fat cells, shorten the distance between cells, promote blood circulation, quicken lymph backflow, and improve absorption of the skin.
3. Electrode pack
Combining traditional Chinese medical researche in the field of main and collateral channels and western medicine, this function, aimed at the stomach can stimulate the peristalsis of stomach and intestines, adjust qi and blood, dredge the main and collateral channels, and simultaniously make the muscles move passively.
4. Paste Injection
Different acupoints are utilized in different courses for different curative effect. Ten kinds of
computer programs are preset for this function.
5. Recommended Courses
Face slimming, body slimming, breast enlargement, enhancing, face improvement,
whitening & skin rejuvenation, spot erasing & wrinkle removal, honey polishing, etc.
Dimention(mm): 1,250×1,380×2,060
Material: acrylic
Power requirement: 220 V 50Hz
Color: Silver gray
Power consumption: 1760 W
Net weight: 180KGS
Additional resources:
view real machine photos online.
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