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Spa Slimming Space Tunnel

1. Resonance vibrations generated by special synthetic music combined with light and electrical current brings you mental and physical health and a sense of happiness and well being.
2. Far infrared and near infrared rays combine to penetrate into skin tissue by 30%, which can dissolve obdurate fat deposits in a more powerful manner, prevent re-accumulation of fat and ease pain.
3. 12 electric-pulse electrodes are offered in the cabin for slimming.
4. The latest three-color(yellow, green and blue) rays are added to give full play of optical and physical effects and improve metabolism, stretching and reforming skin tissue, recovering the density and elasticity of skin. Such features are more advanced and superior to other kind of products.
5. 360 degree, three dimensional radiation system.
6. Powerful breakup of fat with light-wave heat energy triggered by synchronized light and electric current.
7. Able to realize quick dissolution of fat. The effect of 15 minute radiation and pulse synchronization physiotherapy is equals to consumption of 600-800 calories, running/moving for 3 hours or taking vapour sauna for 6 hours.
8. Electric pulse physiotherapy can improve fat cell metabolism, activate dissociation of ferment, breaking fat into fatty acid and triglyceride. Moreover, frequent micro-current is employed to stimulate muscular movement to achieve slimming, body trimming, elimination of toxin and beauty maintenace .
9. One-time physiotherapy can reduce your waist size by 1 to 3 centimeters and reduce your weight by 2 to 9 kilograms in one course of treatment
Dimentions (mm):2350X1250X1570
Material: acrylic
Power requirement: 220 V 50Hz
Color: Silver gray
Power consumption:1680 W
Net weight:120 KGS
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