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C-Blue Light Teeth whitening System-W20

Teeth whitening System is greatly welcome in the international market,especially the European market, because of its easy operation ,remarkble treatment effects and its attractive low price.
The Teeth Whitening System uses high-intensity blue light at a wavelength of 480-520 Nanometers. The light is filtered through over 30 layers of coated optical glass to remove infrared and ultraviolet light. Used together with our special whitening formula, the half hour procedure rapidly oxidizes 16 or more teeth through the dentin tube, restoring them to a beautiful white.
Accomodate to pigment nien teeth, internal pigment teeth, tetracycline pigmentation teeth and dental fluorosis;
Nicer whitening sffect, 7-10 color rank to be boosted for one period of treatment;
Specialized whitening cold blue lights, low heat remain to ensure the patients's comfort;
Totally 8 bule LED ligts, supplying plenitudinous cold light luminescence;
Advanced operation interface, with great convenience and facility;
Multi-Security design.guarantee the safety of patients and doctors.
Teeth stained by smoking or stain-causing food and drinks,such as coffee or tea,Whitening teeth discolored by medicines,such as tetracycline, or speckled by fluoride.
* Consistent with human nature with unique optical design of curved teeth whitening
* Durability and flexibility to extend the goose neck to facilitate curing different angle
* Convenient operation function selection
* With LED digital audio instructions allow the physician to use the more convenient
* Quiet and efficient fans, the best heat dissipation
* Fine, lightweight form factor design, with beautiful clinic space
* Full mouth whitening light low heat and when the average
* Viscosity of exogenous pigment cells (tobacco stains, coffee, cola, etc.)
* Endogenous pigmentation (mild tetracycline, etc.)
* Fluoride Spain
* Congenital uneven color
* Unknown number of incentives for my tooth surface caused by changing dark yellow
Lights type: light emitting diodes super light cooling; semiconductor light source
LED Life time: 50.000Hours
Broad Spectrum: 430nm ~ 490nm(Host lamps) & 395nm ~ 415nm(vice lamps)
Light Output power: Up to 2000 mW/cm
Max. Working Radius: 38cm
-Quiet fan operation
-Multi-arch whitening application
-Seven high intensity LED lamp
-Digital display with audio feedback
-High power blue lamp
-LED bleaching system assessories are power cord X1, Mouth sheath X20, Glass X2, User manual X1, Remote control X1.
Working Power: 100/240 Volt, 50/60 Hz
Net Weight: 3.5Kg
Package weight: 6.5KG
Packing size: 59cm x 28cm x 26cm

Standard accessories:
* Host X1pc
* Mobile stand X1pc
* Install Tool X1 sets
* Remote control X1pc
* Glasses X2pc
* Open device X1pc
* Jacket X20pc
* Power Line X1pc
* Fuse X3pc

Additional resources:
 watch the machine demo and treatment videos.

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